Asbestos Removal and Disposal

If you are planning on renovating or demolishing you need to be aware of asbestos and how to safely manage it.  Asbestos was used in the manufacture of more than 3000 building and decorator products. 

Because of widespread use, asbestos-containing products can be found in any home built or renovated prior to 1990 and in any commercial and non-residential property built or refurbished prior to 2004.  

Grafton Regional landfill is one of only a few landfills in the Northern Rivers that can lawfully accept your asbestos waste, and is the only place in the Clarence Valley that will do so. Asbestos will not be accepted at Waste Transfer Stations.

It is illegal to dispose of asbestos waste in domestic garbage bins. It is also illegal to recycle, re-use, or illegally dump asbestos products.

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