Report an animal issue


Animal Attacks

Call us immediately on 02 6643 0200.

You will need to provide the operator with:

  • the date, time and location of the attack
  • a description of how the attack occurred
  • a description and location of the attacking animal.


We investigate all reported animal attacks. A Council officer will then contact you for a statement and to collect other evidence.

If you have a pet, you are responsible for keeping the animal from causing harm or being a nuisance to the wider community. You may be liable if the animal attacks someone or another animal.

Barking dogs

Barking dogs are one of the most common complaints to Council, but can be difficult to investigate. 

If you're troubled by a barking dog:

  1.  Advise the dog’s owners of the problem. Give them a reasonable amount of time to address it.

  2. Lodge a complaint. Our Rangers will then visit the owners to discuss the complaint and measure to stop their dogs from barking.

  3. At this stage, you will need to submit a completed Barking Dog Diary for at least 14 days. The Ranger assigned to your request will provide the Barking Dog Diary.

  4. Contact  a Community Justice Centre (CJC) or take private civil action.


Lodge a problem with a barking dog

Nuisance cats 

If your neighbour's cat is causing a problem, talk to them. They may not even know, and it is their responsibility to keep their cat contained in their property. You have the right to report to Council when cats are trespassing on your property. You also have the right to humanely trap a cat that is on your property.

Cat traps

We have cat traps available for hire. Our Rangers do not pick up cats that have been trapped, you will need to organise to have the cat dropped off at the pound. See our fees and charges for current prices. For more information contact the Pound during business hours on 02 6642 5689.


Lost animals

If you lose your animal, please check our Facebook page as we often post 

If your lost animal is not listed on the lost and found animals register, please either:

  • Call the Pound during business hours on 02 6642 5689

  • Report your missing animal with the link below.

Report a missing animal

Animals on Country Roads

Whether you are travelling through a country area or suburban street, animals, domestic and wild, can often wander onto the road unaware of the dangers of oncoming traffic.  

One in every 41 casualty crashes on country roads involves a vehicle hitting an animal.

Kangaroos, wombats and stray stock can move fast and be extremely unpredictable. When animals stray onto the road it’s hard to know what they’ll do next. Slowing down and being prepared, especially near sunrise and sunset, could save a collision or even save your life.

If you come across livestock on the road or a dead kangaroo council verge, let us know by either:

  • Call our customer service team on 02 6643 0200
  • Report the animal with the link below.

Report an animal on country roads


Injured Wildlife

Injured domestic animals should be taken to the nearest vet.

Should you injure or kill a native or wild animal, try to remove it from the road but take care as some animals carry young in their pouches. Hurt animals can be cared for by the Wildlife and Information Rescue Service (WIRES).

Wildlife Rescue Line: 13 000 WIRES or 1300 094 737