Delivering an event in the Clarence Valley

Events play a significant role in the Clarence Valley as they help to attract, sustain and improve events that offer economic, social and community benefits. Hosting an event may require you to apply for permits and approvals, depending on the nature of the function.

Delivering an event on Public Land

An event held on Public Land will require Council approval. Our team is here to provide guidance and support in planning your event, including logistics and approvals.

Email the Events Development Officer details of your event and we will get back to you with the next steps to a successful event. Consider attaching the following documents to assist your enquiry:

- Site map showing the location of all infrastructure, entertainment, and amenities

- Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

- Event Management Plan

- Risk Management Plan

*Additional documents may be required depending on the number of people, activities, infrastructure, and overall risk of your event.

In some cases, large events will require a Development Application (DA). A DA is required when considerable changes to the land use are required as a result of an event. Events will be assessed for the impact on the amenity and public safety, and the mitigation proposed by the event organiser for those impacts. Further information can be found at Special Events Ancillary Application – Community Land here

Delivering an event on Private Land

Are you planning an event that is open to the members of the public on private land? If so, you may need to apply for a DA. For inquiries regarding event approvals please refer to the Planning Department.

When planning an event, it is important to consider requirements such as parking, accessibility, and security.

  • Do you need a Traffic Management Plan? Event organisers need to ensure that roads in the surrounding areas have the capacity for any expected increase in traffic.
  • Is your event accessible and inclusive?
  • Will you be using Contractors and Vendors? Event organisers need to ensure all contractors and vendors have appropriate PLI.
  • Do you require an aquatic license for a water-based event?
  • Do you want to hire Council equipment e.g. stage, rubbish bins etc.?
  • Will your event include temporary food stalls? For further information refer to Non-fixed Food Premises