Register for eNotices


Want to get your rates and water notices electronically?

 An eNotices account will give you the ability to:

  • Have one account for all your properties.
  • Re-print or download extra copies of your notices.
  • View all historical notices.

Follow these three easy steps

Step 1.Locate your eNotices reference number

Your eNotices reference number is located on the front of your rates or water notice, at the bottom of the page.

Step 2.Register for eNotices

  • Click the link below.
  • Select the Sign Up tab at the top of the screen.
  • Enter your email address and eNotices reference number.

Register today

Step 3.Check your email inbox

Check your email inbox for an email activation link - you have 48 hours to click the link before it expires. Once registered, you can log in to your dashboard and view your rates and water notices any time. 

 Frequently asked questions 

What notices can I receive via eNotices?

Once registered, you'll be able to receive annual rates notices, rates instalment notices, water accounts and water account reminder notices. 

Could my notices be blocked or sent to my junk folder?

Check your email account's junk and/or spam folders and mark the sender as safe to make sure you receive further notices to your inbox.


Do I need to register each property I own separately?

If you own more than one property, you'll need to sign up to eNotices for each one separately – as well as registering the type of account (i.e. rates or water notices) that you want to receive via email for that property.


Will signing up change all my council correspondence to email?

No – while we make every effort to use email for the delivery of correspondence and other accounts, you will still receive some correspondence via post.


If I sign up, will I still be sent hard-copy water and rates notices?

No. Once you have registered to receive your rates or water notices via email, you or joint property owners will no longer receive paper notices in the post.


Can rates and water notices be emailed to more than one property owner?

Once you've registered to receive your rates or water notices via email, you can link other email addresses for joint property owners to also receive them.  


What if I change my email address?

You'll need to update your details. Log on to the web portal using your existing login details and update your email address.

Can I unsubscribe from eNotices?

Yes, you can do this via web portal. If you unsubscribe from receiving your notices electronically, paper notices will be issued after this time via normal post. Notices will be sent to the last advised mailing address for the property. Unsubscribing may take one billing cycle to process.

What about inserts and brochures that normally come in the mail with my notices?

You'll receive all the brochures and inserts that normally come in the mail via email. For more information, call us on 02 6643 0200 during business hours or email