Let's Get Our Scrap Together

 Did you know that last year, the Northern Rivers region recycled more than 42,000 tonnes of food and garden scraps into compost through our kerbside organics bins?

The compost is then used by farmers to grow the food that ends up in our farmers markets, food shops and then on our plates. This food-cycle can keep coming around as long as we use our organics bins properly, and make sure we don't put food and garden waste into our landfill bins. 

Food that ends up in landfill creates methane, which is a greenhouse gas more than 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. With the impacts of climate change being felt so strongly in our region, every little scrap that goes into our kerbside organics bins instead of the landfill bin is helping our environment. 


What goes in your green bin?
  • Dairy (including cheese and yoghurt)
  • Meat, bones – cooked or raw
  • Seafood
  • Spoiled fruit, veggies and peelings
  • Bread, pasta, rice
  • Coffee grinds, tea bags/leaves
  • Food soiled paper and cardboard (eg. Pizza boxes, serviettes, paper towel and cardboard food containers
  • Wooden cutlery / chopsticks
  • garden pruning & clippings


The NSW Government's 'Let's Get Our Scrap Together' campaign aims to reduce the amount of food waste going into kerbside landfill bins.