Trees on council-managed land

Here in the Clarence Valley, we're so passionate about trees that we have a whole festival dedicated to them. 

Our priority for managing trees on council parks, reserves and nature strips is to ensure they do not present a danger to residents and visitors, while also preserving habitat and supporting native species. 

Tree works

Council tree works may include: 

  • removal of weed species, unsuitable or hazardous trees
  • selective pruning, and weight reduction of limbs
  • maintenance pruning to remove dead, diseased, dying or defective branches
  • selective pruning to remove branches causing conflict, such as a building encroachment
  • root pruning of trees to manage damage to built and natural structures
  • pruning for service lines, excluding electrical service lines
  • crown lifting for pedestrian or vehicular access
  • pruning for vehicle sight lines, signage, and Road and Maritime Services (RMS) requirements
  • removal of trees in conflict with utilities and built structures where all engineering alternatives have been considered
  • minimum work to make trees safe.

We won't:

  • work on trees not considered to be our responsibility
  • remove trees for views, unless identified within a council plan
  • remove trees for solar access, leaf, fruit or sap drop, bird or bat droppings, damage to sewer pipes/built structures unless all engineering alternatives have been considered
  • remove healthy and stable trees
  • pruning trees contrary to Australian Standards 4373
  • undertake any pruning work outside what a particular species will tolerate
  • undertake tree work for emotive reasons
  • remove trees inhibiting grass growth
  • use chemical controls unless deemed absolutely necessary, such as termite control on nature strips
  • remove trees for allergies unless they can be medically linked to allergy by a specialist
  • remove trees that cause damage to minor ancillary structures such as footpaths and driveways
  • take requests for topping/height reduction of trees.

Maintenance of council parks, reserves and nature strips

We prioritise the maintenance of street trees, parks and reserves based on an ongoing risk assessment. 

Any public request for pruning or removal of trees on council-managed land or streets will be referred to our Open Spaces and Facilities department, who will respond and carry out necessary works as soon as possible. We'll also let you know the outcome. 

If you're not happy with the outcome of your request, you may ask for a review of the initial decision which will result in a second assessment.

Submit a request online, email or call 02 6643 0200. 

Nature strip planting requests

Consult us before planting trees or vegetation on the nature strip, as doing so could result in the refusal of future insurance claims if it can be proven that we were not involved in the species selection process.

There is a recommended list of street trees for Yamba, developed as part of the Yamba Street Tree Masterplan. It may be used as a guide for other parts of the Clarence Valley as long as it is consistent with our Urban Tree Management Strategy, or a specifically adopted Street Tree Masterplan for your area. 

Tree-related insurance issues

Insurance issues associated with council-managed trees can be followed up with our Insurance Claims Officer on 02 6643 0200.