Rebate programs

Reducing water consumption in your home can be easy and affordable, especially with our rebates and offers which are available to Clarence Valley Council water customers. 

Rainwater tank rebate

Rainwater tank rebates of $450 to $1100 are available to customers on town water who install a rainwater tank, and connect the tank to a toilet or laundry. Rebates of $300 are also available for connecting an existing rainwater tank to a toilet or laundry (conditions apply).


  • Only available to town water customers
  • Minimum capacity of 2000 litres
  • Must be connected to a toilet, laundry or both (or whole house)
  • Must be a new tank with at least 12 months warranty
  • Must be connected by a licensed plumber
  • Must comply with all relevant council requirements plumbing, building codes, and be fitted with a first flush device
  • Generally not available if existing tanks are plumbed into the house (or a previous council rainwater tank rebate has been received for the premises)
  • Generally not available to new houses with a BASIX requirement to fit a rainwater tank.  

To apply 

Before you apply, make sure all plumbing work has been completed. Apply online now, or pick up an application form from our offices in Grafton or Maclean.

Apply for a rainwater tank rebate 

Dual flush toilet rebate

Dual flush toilet rebates of $50 are available to customers on town water who replace an existing single flush toilet (cistern and pan) with a water efficient dual flush toilet. There is a maximum of 2 dual flush toilet rebates per residential water account. 


  • Only available to town water customers
  • Only available for replacement of a single flush toilet with a dual flush toilet
  • You must replace the cistern and the pan (sometimes a new cistern is not compatible and will not flush effectively with an older style pan). 

To apply

You'll need a copy of your water rates notice, the receipt for the new toilet suite, and clear photographs of both the old and new toilets (and cisterns) installed to apply. Email the required documents to, or bring them into our offices in Grafton or Maclean. Once processed, the rebate cheque will be forwarded to your address.


For more information, or to give feedback current and future rebates call Environmental Officer Chris Hellyer on 0436 806 034.