Pesticide notification


To protect public property from pest damage and to protect the users of public places from nuisance or danger, council uses pesticides to control weeds in public places including parks, reserves, sporting fields & ovals, playgrounds, road verges, laneway & pathways, drains & easements and any other areas also managed by council. 

The majority of pesticide use consists of applying herbicides for weed control but can also include applying insecticides or fungicides to manage insect pests & diseases also.

We take all reasonable care to protect our pesticide users own health and the health of others when using a pesticide. We also make every reasonable attempt to prevent damage occurring from the use of a pesticide, such as off-target drift on to sensitive areas or harm to endangered and protected species. We also ensure that pesticides are applied to public places in accordance with respective pesticide labels and/or off label permits in a safe, responsible manner.

Check our weekly weed control plan

If you have any questions, get in touch with one  our NRM- weeds team on 02 6643 0200, or email