Supplier Information

We strive for a strong customer service culture in all areas of our service delivery, including procurement and accounts payable. Our focus is to ensure you are paid on time for the goods, services and or works provided. To help us achieve this there are some simple things you can do.

What you can do?
✔ Ensure invoices are raised in your correct business name and your ABN.
✔ Submit your invoice directly to the accounts payable email
✔ Make sure the invoice references the correct purchase order number (we can not pay with the order unless the invoice had a purchase order number).
✔ Make sure your ABN and GST details are provided and your invoice is tax compliant. ✔For further information please visit the Australian Tax Office website.


Doing this will ensure your invoice is correctly rendered and will assist us to pay your invoice promptly.

Supplier invoices

In line with ATO legislation we can only pay you for the provision of goods, services and or works if you provide us with a correctly rendered tax invoice.

Council will be introducing an electronic invoice processing system in the coming months which will create efficiencies in the end to end procure to pay process enabling payment to reach the supplier in the most efficient manner.  For this process to work for your business, you must have the correct purchase order number quoted on your invoice.