Accelerated Development Applications

Development approvals

What is the Accelerated DA process?

As of the 1 July 2024, Council is offering a streamlined assessment and approval service for nominated Development Applications (DAs), called the Accelerated DA process. Initially, Council is offering this service to most types of simple residential development that comply with the planning rules and are located on sites that are considered relatively low risk, being generally free of key environmental constraints and hazards.

If your application qualifies for this process, Council staff will aim to determine your application within 20 days or less from when the DA has been accepted and lodged with Council (see FAQ for more details).

Council is offering this service to encourage and reward DAs that comply with applicable development standards and controls, as well as to improve our processing times of these high-volume, simpler DAs. The Accelerated DA service aims to support housing supply and our local construction industries.

What types of development qualify for the Accelerated DA process?

The service will apply to DAs for:

  • Single and Two Storey Dwellings 
  • Single and Two Storey Dwellings Alterations/Additions
  • Secondary Dwellings (less than 60m2)
  • Ancillary Residential, including: Carports, Garages, Sheds, Detached Studios, Swimming Pools, Retaining Walls, & Decks / Patios.
  • Demolition.

Not all the above types of development will be able to be considered as Accelerated DAs as the site constraints also need to be considered. Please see the next section to view the checklists and the criteria to qualify. 

Note: For ancillary residential development you may not need a DA if your development is exempt, see Do I need development approval? 


How do I apply for my DA to be Accelerated?

To see if you qualify for this service, please see the applicable checklist below to see if your development meets all the criteria.

The checklists are designed so that if you answer ‘No’ to all the questions, your development qualifies for the Accelerated DA process. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any question your development will not qualify for this service and can be assessed under normal DA processes.

To request this service, all you need to do is upload the completed Accelerate DA checklist with your DA documents when lodging your DA on the Planning Portal. 

See Council’s step-by-step guide to the DA Process for more information.

Where do I find the information I need?

To be able to complete the checklist, you will need to know details about your property and Council’s Development Standards and Controls. Information can be found at the following links:

If you are unsure if a constraint applies, or have any questions, advice can be sought from Council staff see We're here to help on planning matters.


Each site is unique, and the checklists cannot cover every type of constraint or feature. Even if your application qualifies for the Accelerated DA process, there is no guarantee your application will be determined as an Accelerated DA. There are several reasons why a DA may be taken out of the Accelerated DA process. Examples include, but or not limited to: if the Accelerated DA Checklist is not completed correctly or misrepresents the proposed development; if a site or environmental constraint requires more time to assess the development; the DA may require notifying to neighbours; the DA requires additional information to assess. If for any reason your DA is taken out of the Accelerated DA process, you will be notified as such, and your DA will then continue to be assessed under normal DA processes.

By completing and lodging the Accelerated DA Checklists, you are acknowledging that all the information provided by you is correct. Checklists that are incorrectly completed will result in the DA being cancelled from the Accelerated DA process. 


Q. Are there any additional fees applicable to the Accelerated DA process?

A. No, there are no additional costs for the service.

Q. How are the 20 days calculated?

A. The 20 days are calendar days. DA days for an application starts when you have been notified by the Planning Portal that the DA has been accepted for assessment and lodged into Council’s system, and not from when you upload the DA and supporting documents on to the Planning Portal. Lodgement of the DA occurs after you pay the applicable application fees.

Q. Am I guaranteed approval within 20 days?

A. The target timeframe of 20 days to assess an Accelerated DA is not a statutory timeframe, however Council staff will endeavour to determine DAs within the target timeframes for this free service. If there are any minor delays, you will be notified of the reason, e.g., the site is remote and more time is needed to undertake a site inspection.

Q. What if my development doesn’t meet the Accelerated DA criteria?

A. If your development does not qualify for the Accelerated DA process, your DA will be assessed as a normal DA. You can view our DA timeframes at How we’re performing, with simple DAs having a median assessment time between 35-55 days. More complicated DAs take longer to determine.   

Q. What happens if my DA is taken out of the Accelerated DA process?

A. There are a number of reasons why a DA may not be able to be assessed as an Accelerated DA, even if all the criteria on the checklist are met (see above details under disclaimer). If more time is needed to assess the DA, you will be notified that your application will be taken out of the Accelerated DA process and assessed as a normal DA.

Q. I have more questions, who can I talk to?

A. If you have more questions about the Accelerated DA process, you can contact Sarah Sozou (Council’s Development Planner) or Council’s Duty Building Surveyor on 6643 0200 between 8.30am – 11am Monday to Friday.