Managing liquid trade waste

All business that produce liquid trade waste must get council approval to discharge it into our sewer systems. 

What is liquid trade waste? 

Liquid trade waste is the liquid effluent generated by commercial and industrial premises which is discharged to the sewerage system. It doesn't include waste from hand wash basins, showers, baths or toilets.

When do I need council approval? 

If your business generates liquid trade waste which is discharged to the local sewerage system, you must have council approval and, in most cases, provide and maintain pre-treatment devices to ensure that your discharge meets acceptable standards. Discharging liquid waste into the sewerage system without approval or in breach of the approval can attract penalties including increased discharge costs, fines and/or the loss of approval to dispose of liquid trade waste. 

Once approved for trade waste disposal, annual Liquid Trade Waste management fees and usage charges apply. For more information, call our liquid trade waste officer on 02 6643 0200. 

 Apply for trade waste approval