Pet ownership

We love our pets, great and small. 

Learn how to be a responsible dog or cat owner, find dog-friendly areas, and find out how and when to register and microchip your cat or dog.

Take the Lead brochure(PDF, 1MB)
Most dog owners do the right thing and keep their dog on a leash when they're away from their property. But many don't.
Most animal attacks could have been avoided if people had taken two simple steps.
The first is to make sure dogs are always on a lead when being taken for a walk and the second is to ensure yards are properly fenced.
In an effort to inform dog owners of their responsibilities council has produced a brochure called Take the Lead(PDF, 1MB) that will be distributed widely around the Clarence Valley and available at customer service centres in Grafton and Maclean.

The brochure also contains a list of off-leash areas around the Clarence Valley and some of the penalties that apply for breaches of the Companion Animals Act.