Water Restrictions


 There are no current water restrictions for the Clarence Valley, however the following permanent water conservation measures are in place

  • The use of sprinklers and unattended hoses is banned permanently from 9am- 4pm
  • Building maintenance is allowed with trigger nozzle hoses or pressure cleaners only
  • Hosing any hardstand area (e.g. driveways and paved/concrete surfaces) is banned except for health/safety reasons, or with pressure cleaners
  • Car washing is allowed providing, where practical, the runoff is onto a lawn and not down the drain

Where does our water come from? 

The main water supply (other than the village systems of Wooli and Minnie Water) in the Clarence Valley is sourced from the pristine Nymboida River, part of the Clarence River catchment area. The Nymboida River also gravity feeds water to Shannon Creek Dam when required.

If the Nymboida River can't be used as source water due to low flow (less than 225 Megalitres a day) or because the turbidity is too high after a wet weather event, our water is sourced from the off-stream storage of Shannon Creek Dam. Overall, Shannon Creek Dam is used to supply the Clarence Valley’s water about 5% of the time. 


Flow and consumption

We regularly update flow and water consumption figures for the Clarence Valley.

Shannon Creek Dam opening times

Mon - Closed 
Tue - Closed
Wed - Closed
Thu - 9am - 3pm
Fri - 9am - 3pm
Sat - 9am - 3pm
Sun - 9am - 3pm