Vibrant Places

Town centres in the Clarence Valley are places to enjoy. Whether it's shopping, dining, being entertained or simply catching up with friends and family

The concept behind creating Vibrant Places is that businesses can use the footpath, free of charge, in return for some creative thinking by adding colour, products, outdoor dining options and entertainment onto our streets - remaining mindful of all footpath users and ensuring a common sense safety approach. 

The aim is to encourage people to stop, shop and spend more time in our commercial centres, which not only benefits local businesses, but makes for a more pleasant shopping experience.

Three easy steps for businesses

There are three easy steps to follow if you want to get involved in Vibrant Places:

1. Safety and Security – Ultimately the footpath is a community space for all, including young children, seniors, people with prams and those who may require assistance aids and clear passage. These people need to get about their daily activities safely and efficiently. Think about trip hazards, height impediments and any possible projectiles (windy conditions). If you see something you think is unsafe, do something about it.

2. Cooperate and Collaborate – Partner with neighbouring businesses to create exciting places that attracts customers and encourages them to your business. Cross-promote with other stores to spread the shopping love…waiting for a coffee or meal to arrive gives shoppers a window of opportunity otherwise missed. But please ensure footpath use does not compromise a neighbour’s business.

3. Ownership and Accountability – this is a new model we are trailing; there will be good and bad feedback from customers. Use constructive criticism to improve your business offering. Make changes and try new things. Respond to safety and access concerns promptly.

You will need to provide us with a copy of your current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20 million cover) ensuring that Clarence Valley Council is listed as an Interested Party AND your public liability insurance will need to cover the footpath area you want to use. Remember, that while we encourage activity on the footpaths there are still rules that need to be followed, for example in relation to outdoor dining and liquor licensing and food licensing. 

Tapping boards for merchandise stands

If you are using the footpath for a merchandise display, you need to ensure that any stand has a firm solid base. The other option is you can make a small investment in a tapping board! 

  • This is a really simple device that businesses across the Clarence Valley use to ensure people with visual impairments are able to navigate around the merchandising stands.
  • If you are not handy or able to make one yourself, the Grafton Men's Shed can organise tapping boards and even simple cafe barriers ensuring you are using the footpath safely. 

Community not-for-profit organisations

Are you part of a not-for-profit community organisation? If you would like to have a stall in front of a business for a community fundraising or increasing community awareness you may participate in the Vibrant Places trial. All you need to do is register through the online Vibrant Places registration form and ensure you have the permission of the business where you intend to locate. You must also ensure you have the relevant $20m public liability insurance referencing Clarence Valley Council as an interested party.

Busking and street performances

Know any budding musicians? Busking is also included in the Vibrant Places activity provided you have the relevant public liability insurance. The business where the performance will take place and the busker/performer should register through the Vibrant Places online registration form.

Outdoor dining

Footpaths can be a great opportunity for businesses, whilst making sure the right checks and approvals are in place to ensure the safety of everyone. Outdoor dining is also included in the Vibrant Places activity provided you have the relevant public liability insurance and adequate space to allow for foot traffic. Businesses interested in applying for outdoor dining should register through the Vibrant Places online registration form.

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