Local Aboriginal Land Councils

The purpose of Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALC) is to improve, protect and foster the best interests of all Aboriginal people in the local area. 

There are eleven Local Aboriginal Land Councils whose boundaries overlap with the Clarence Valley. Five of which that have their offices in the Clarence Valley LGA:

  • Baryulgil Square LALC
  • Birrigan Gargle LALC
  • Grafton Ngerrie LALC
  • Jana Ngalee LALC
  • Yaegl LALC

Local Aboriginal Land Councils have a right to be informed in the planning, protection and preservation of cultural sites and areas under the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act on land within their boundaries.

Local Aboriginal Land Council services include housing, legal affairs, employment, training and property acquisition and management.

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NSW Aboriginal Land Council

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) is the State’s peak representative body in Aboriginal Affairs, and aims to protect the interests and further the aspirations of its members and the broader Aboriginal community.

The NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act gives NSWALC the mandate to provide for the development of land rights for Aboriginal people in NSW, in conjunction with a network of Local Aboriginal Land Councils. NSWALC also acts as an advisor to, and negotiates with, Governments, and other stakeholders, to ensure the preservation of Aboriginal land rights.