Supporting regional growth

We are supporting the growth of our region in a number of ways, through strategies, initiatives and the fast-tracking of festivals and events.

Economic development strategy

The Clarence Valley Regional Economic Development Strategy 2023(REDS) has been developed to facilitate economic growth across the region. The approach was to build on the distinctive and unique strengths of the Clarence, with economic principles suggesting unique strengths provide regions with sustainable economic advantages. 

To develop the REDS, we worked alongside the NSW Government, holding a series of focus group workshops, an online survey and meetings with key stakeholders, all aimed at collaborating to build sustainable economic development. 

The REDS also takes into account regional risks and how they might be addressed. Clarence Valley’s key endowments lie in its coastal, riverine and hinterland environments, arable soils and favourable climate, access to Sydney and Brisbane via the Pacific Hwy, and the ability to bring new industrial land to market cost-effectively.

These endowments form the basis of our specialist industries, which include:

  • 'Engines of Growth’, such as tourism, horticulture (blueberries, macadamias and sugar cane), aquaculture, forestry, marine manufacturing and logistics.
  • Business-‘enabling’ activities, such as tourism connected property services, construction, utilities, and financial and professional services
  • Internal, ‘population-serving’ industries, including health, retail and public administration

Based on these, our key strategic goals are: 

1.    to further expand the ‘Engines of Growth’.

2.    to develop the region’s key tourism attractions and precincts, addressing the risk of a downturn in smaller centres as a result of the Pacific Highway realignment.

3.    to grow the population and internal markets of the region.

Read the full Clarence Valley Regional Economic Development Strategy 2023

Vibrant Places

Our town hubs are already vibrant places, but we want to encourage more people to stop, shop and spend more time in our commercial centres.

That's why we created Vibrant Places. The idea is that businesses use the footpath free of charge in return for some creative thinking, by adding colour, products, outdoor dining options and entertainment to our streets. It not only benefits local businesses but makes for a more pleasant shopping experience.

Get involved

First, you'll need to register, and provide us with a copy of your current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20 million cover), ensuring that Clarence Valley Council is listed as an Interested Party, and that your public liability insurance covers the footpath area you want to use.

There are 3 easy steps to follow if you want to get involved in the trial:

1. Remember the footpath is a community space for all, and need to get about their daily activities safely and efficiently. Think about trip hazards, height impediments and any possible projectiles (windy conditions). If you see something you think is unsafe, do something about it.

2. Partner with neighbouring businesses to create exciting places that attracts customers and encourages them to your business. Make sure your footpath use does not compromise a neighbour’s business.

3. Use constructive criticism to improve your business offering. Make changes and try new things. Respond to safety and access concerns promptly.

If you're unsure on how to create vibrancy outside your business, just ask! We're here to help, just call us on 02 6645 0203 or send us an email.

Apply to take part in Vibrant Places 

Events and festivals

Not only do events and festivals attract visitors by the thousands, they are also an important part of the Clarence way of life, with more than 100 celebrations held here annually.

We actively support our event partners through our annual sponsorship program, with grants and other funding opportunities also available from the State and Federal Government.

Where to next? 

Need our approval to host your special event or festival? Call our Event Development Officer on 02 6645 0229.

Looking for sponsorship of your special event or festival?