Public Pool and Spa Pools Operators

The Public Health Act 2010 requires councils to regulate public swimming pools and spa pools to ensure they do not pose a risk to public health.

Is your pool or spa considered public?

Public Health Act 2010 defines a public swimming pool or spa pool as a swimming pool or spa pool to which the public is admitted, whether free of charge, on payment of a fee or otherwise.  This includes pools:

  • to which the public is admitted as an entitlement of membership of a club
  • provided at a workplace for the use of employees
  • provided at a hotel, motel or guest house or at holiday units, or similar facility, for the use of guests
  • provided at a school or hospital
  • situated at private residential premises used for commercial purposes, i.e Swim School
  • any other pool or spa pool declared by the Regulation to be a public swimming pool or spa pool.

Notifying Council of your Business/Public Pool

All operators of public swimming pools and spa pools are required to notify Clarence Valley Council of the pool or spa. This form must also be submitted to Council within 7 days of any changes to the particulars (e.g., pool owners, pool manager etc.)

You can do this by submitting the online form below. There are no notification fees.

If you have not registered your Public Swimming Pool with Clarence Valley Council yet, please follow the link and fill out the form. 

Notification of Public Swimming Pool or Spa Pools

Public Pool Inspections

Public Pools will undergo regular inspections by Clarence Valley Councils Environmental Health Team. During inspections, Council Officers will test the pool water and review pool water sample record keeping.

A fee of $190.30 will apply for this inspection under Council’s fees and charges, which will be invoiced after the inspection has been carried out.

Are you up to date with your requirements as an operator of a public pool?

View the NSW Guidelines for Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools 2022 to assist you meet the requirements of the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulations 2022.