Your waste service explained

Here in the Clarence Valley, we're pretty big on sustainability.

With a few changes to our waste service - including the introduction of a green organics bin for urban and rural residential areas and a 360L yellow recycling bin - we've made significant reductions in waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. 

To help us keep up the good work, here's a quick rundown of what goes in each bin. 

Green organics bin

Put in: 

  • all food scraps, including fruit and veggie offcuts, meat, seafood, bread and pasta 
  • all garden waste, including leaves, grass clippings, pruning offcuts and weeds 
  • small timber offcuts (untreated only)

Leave out: 

  • treated timber 
  • plastic bags 
  • disposable nappies 

Yellow recycling bin

Put in: 

  • steel and aluminium cans and clean foil 
  • glass jars and bottles (lids off), no sheet glass
  • plastic bottles and containers (rinsed, no lids) 
  • clean, dry paper and cardboard packaging 
  • newspapers, magazines, junk mail and window envelopes 
  • milk and juice cardboard cartons 

Leave out:

  • garden waste and food scraps 
  • soft plastics, plastic bags and cling wrap 
  • ceramics/Pyrex 
  • syringes 

Red landfill bin

Put in: 

  • plastic bags and wrappers 
  • disposable nappies 
  • ceramics/Pyrex 
  • Broken glass 

Leave out: 

  • hazardous waste (batteries, gas bottles, chemicals)
  • recyclables 
  • garden or food scraps 

Asbestos waste

Grafton Regional landfill is one of only a few landfills in the Northern Rivers that can lawfully accept your asbestos waste, and is the only place in the Clarence Valley that will do so. Asbestos will not be accepted at Waste Transfer Stations. It is illegal to dispose of asbestos waste in domestic garbage bins. It is also illegal to recycle, re-use, or illegally dump asbestos products.

Don’t risk a $5000 fine or prosecution, with penalties up to $1 million.

Asbestos disposal bookings

A booking for each load must be lodged with the Grafton Regional Landfill no later than 3pm on a weekday prior to proposed disposal day.

Notifications can be lodged by phone at Clarence Waste Solutions 02 6643 0888. Each booking must include the name, contact phone number, quantity of waste and expected time of arrival.

Landfill asbestos acceptance hours 

Asbestos contaminated material will only be accepted from 8am-2pm Monday to Friday. Asbestos disposal will not be permitted on weekends or public holidays, and is subject to weather conditions.

Asbestos disposal fee

Year Standard fee
2022/23 $317/tonne


Safety and conditions of acceptance 

  1. All asbestos contaminated material including sheeting and soil must be damped down and double wrapped and sealed with 200 micron plastic. The plastic wrapping must not rupture during the unloading process.
  2. Asbestos sheeting and similar must be wrapped in bundles weighing less that 200kg.
  3. When using tipping vehicles the maximum load of 200kg parcels is 4 tonne.
  4. Asbestos contaminated soil may be received in bulk loads subject to the tipping vehicle being lined and sealed with 2 layers of 200 micron plastic. The plastic wrapping must not rupture during the unloading process. Consideration should be given to the quantity of soil being wrapped to ensure that it can be unloaded without rupture.
  5. A Hi-Ab, crane or other suitable lifting device must be provided and used for unloading asbestos pipe produce with a diameter greater than 200mm and in lengths longer than 1.5 metres.
  6. Appropriate PPE safety equipment should be used during the removal and disposal process.
  7. When wetting down the water spray should be light enough to ensure no fibres are dislodged.
  8. Customers with asbestos in an unacceptable condition may be refused entry and the matter referred to SafeWork NSW.
  9. All asbestos remains the property of the owner until it is deposited in the hole.
  10. Grafton Regional Landfill does NOT provide an unloading service.


  • The use of asbestos approved ‘hazi bags’ is a more effective handling system especially for larger quantities.
  • The use of an outside layer of shade mesh will assist tipper loads of asbestos contaminated material from rupturing during the unloading process.

Asbestos testing kits
We are working in collaboration with North East Waste to offer Household Asbestos Disposal Kits to assist householders to safely and legally remove bonded asbestos in small home renovations (under 10m2 sheets of fibro).

These kits are available at our Maclean and Grafton offices at the subsidised price of $25 and include disposable masks, coveralls and shoe covers, gloves, duct tape, pva glue Pakaflex asbestos bags, drop sheet and safety glasses.  




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