What can I do?

Create your Action Plan to prepare so that when appliances need replacing, you’re ready to make the switch!

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Electrify Everything

For most people in the Clarence Valley moving to electric heating, cooling, hot water, cooking and transport will make the largest impact in the fight against climate change. Councils across Australia are uniting to encourage residents to electrify their homes, as part of a campaign led by Merri-bek City Council.


Everyone can enjoy the performance leaps electric appliances have taken over the past few years resulting in cheaper heating, cooling, hot water and cooking.

And it doesn’t have to be all at once. Take time to prepare so that when appliances, like hot water, need replacing, you’re ready to make the switch.

Move to renewable electricity for clean air and a safe choice for your household. Join the clean energy future and make your home all-electric.

There are 5 actions to take:




Energy (or electricity) usage and automotive travel are two of the biggest contributors to climate change from the Clarence Valley. Together they make up approximately 70% (depending on the year) of our emissions (or contributions to climate change).

Find out more about Clarence Valley’s emissions via snapshot