Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the best ways to reduce our emissions and the impacts of climate change.

Switch and Save now with GreenPower filter!

Use the Australian Government energy compare site to compare, select and save.

To power your home by renewable energy, include 100% GreenPower in your plan.

Filter and select GreenPower plans when using Energy Made Easy.  Then remember to request GreenPower in your plan when you switch.  Choosing a plan with 100% GreenPower will ensure your home is powered by renewable energy meaning Net Zero emissions from your electricity usage.


  • Current plan still the best deal? Check the rates against your bill to see if the rates have changed.  Sometimes a new version of the same plan can still save you money!
  • Some plans will only offer a small percentage GreenPower, so check for 100% GreenPower in the plan details to have the biggest impact on climate change.

greenpower filter.png

Go Solar

Try SunSPOT a solar mapping tool for the Clarence Valley community to use for free, developed in partnership with the Australian Photovoltaic Institute and supported by the Australian & NSW Government.

The tool is great for all stages of your solar journey. 

  • Do a quick assessment to understand the basics.  Selected “I’m not sure” to any question. 
  • Do a detailed assessment by adding information to get more details so you have all the information needed to start talking with installers.
  • You can learn more with supporting information and help like this user video 

For more general solar information check out YourHome