Report an emu or koala sighting

The coastal emu and koala populations in our region are under threat. Working together, we can help protect these endangered species and their habitats.



1. Coastal Emus in the Clarence

The coastal emu population in northern New South Wales is under threat due to vehicle strike, barriers to movement and feral animals. Local landholders, together with the Clarence Valley Council, the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Coastal Emu Alliance are working to protect coastal emus and their habitat.

Local landholders, together with Clarence Valley Council, NSW Department of Planning and Environment and the Coastal Emu Alliance are working to protect coastal emus and their habitat. To do this, we are collecting data on where our emus are located. The emu register lets you pinpoint a sighting location on a map. You can also add more information about your sighting.

So if you see an emu, please register your sighting here.



2. Koalas in the Clarence

Koala numbers in our area are under threat, largely due to continuing fragmentation of suitable habitat and wildfire.

The Clarence Valley has a few remaining koala populations, including areas around Iluka, Woombah, Waterview Heights, Barretts Creek, Marengo, and Billy’s Creek… but there’s much that we still don’t know.

Knowing where koalas are located in our landscape helps us to conserve the species. Data collection enables us to learn why koalas prefer a particular habitat, why certain habitats contain more individuals than other similar habitats, and why koalas are declining from particular areas. By understanding their distribution, we can determine the conservation value of regional zones and further develop management guidelines for natural resources.

So if you see a koala, please register your sighting here.