Is your water bill higher than normal?

It can be a shock when you open your bill and it's higher than expected. There's often an easy explanation for the increase.

How to find out what might have caused the increase in your bill

Check your billing period

We read your water meter triannually (i.e. every four months or about 121 days). The number of days between meter reads can differ due to the fact that we may not be able to read your meter on exactly the same dates in each triannual period.

This can be due to various reasons, including bad weather, locked gates or a dog on your property. This means that the number of days you are charged for your water and sewerage services can vary (usually between 110 - 130 days), affecting the amount of your bill.

You can check the number of days you have been charged for by looking at the top right of your bill, under the 'elapsed period' heading. Take a look to see if the number of days is different to previous bills, as this may explain the change in your bill amount.

Check your water usage

The amount of water you use will affect your bill amount. 

You can check your daily average consumption on your bill under the "daily average" reading. 

When comparing your average daily usage to previous bills, its best to compare it to the same time last year (e.g. compare a summer period with summer last year), as your water use may vary depending on the time of year.

Check your meter

If you’ve checked steps your billing period and your water usage compared to previous bills, and you’re still not sure why your bill is higher, then we recommend checking your water meter. On rare occasions your water meter reading may have been recorded wrongly by the meter reader.

Check to see if the black and red numbers on your water meter are higher than the 'current reading' on your most recent bill. If the meter reading on your bill looks like it could be a mistake or you're not sure, please contact us on 02 6643 0200.

Check for a leak

On occasions, an increase in your bill could be due to a water leak.

Leaks that are hidden in underground pipes or in faulty plumbing and fixtures (such as leaking toilets) can go undetected for a long time. Some leaks waste more than 2000 litres of water a day!

That’s why we recommend reading your meter and checking for leaks.

Managing leaks on a property is the owner’s responsibility but we can assist with our easy step-by-step guide.

Concealed leaks

Please contact a licensed plumber to investigate as soon as possible.

All leaks, including concealed leaks, on private property are the property owner’s responsibility to investigate and repair. 

All water pipes and fittings from the water meter on to private property are the property owner's responsibility to maintain.

To stop water being wasted on your property if you have a leak you can temporarily turn the stop tap off at your water meter. 

Just make sure this won't damage appliances such as your hot water system.
Leaks at the meter

You could have a leak at the meter or around the meter if you notice water filling the meter box or soggy ground surrounding the meter.

  • If your meter box is full of water please call us on 02 6643 0200.
  • If you have soggy ground around your meter and your meter is not ticking over then the leak is likely on our infrastructure. Please call us on 02 6643 0200.
  • If you have soggy ground around your meter and your meter is ticking over then water is being drawn through the meter and the leak is on your side of the meter. Please call a local licensed plumber to investigate.  
Leaks on the road or public property

If you notice a leak on public property, such as water leaking on the road or footpath, or a burst water main, please call us on 02 6643 0200 during office hours or 02 6626 6858 after hours possible to report it (24/7).

We may need to carry out emergency repairs.