Clarence River Masterplan II

The Clarence Riverway Master Plan is an integrated market driven tourism destination initiative. Originally developed by CLOUSTON Associates in 2009, the master plan sought to position the Clarence River as one of the nation’s great river experiences.

The Clarence - River Way Master Plan II provides an up-to-date strategic action plan to guide tourism policy and investment in the region. The project scope is the boundaries of the Clarence Valley Council, as well as important linkages and viewpoints in the surrounding areas.

clarence river master plan.png


The identity of 'The Clarence'

  • To reinforce the Clarence River and its catchment as a distinctive place on the
    northern coast of NSW and Australia

  • Build upon and simplify the regions identity to 'The Clarence'

What to see and do - Attractions and designation development

  • Establish the river as the foundation asset in the Clarence region.

  • Build upon the whole catchment including mountains, hinterland and coast.

  • Promote cultural tourism that links to the river and reflects a sense of place.

  • Build upon Aboriginal cultural tourism.
  • Reinforce the river towns that are the key tourism and service hubs for 'The Clarence'

Getting around

  • Improve regional access to 'The Clarence'.

  • Improve physical access and visual linkages to the river and understanding of the river.

  • Improve ability to easily move around 'The Clarence'.

The quality of experience

  • Improve the presentation of the destination.

  • Manage development ‘in keeping’ with current qualities/target market expectations.

  • Extend and develop the range of accommodation, food/beverage, and entertainment.

  • Integrate interpretation and storytelling into tourism products.

Management/administration and regional linkages

  • Foster community and regional industry engagement, information, understanding and appreciation of the Clarence River values.

  • Provide a co-ordinated and integrated approach to planning and management of the river.

  • Foster and encourage private and public sector investment.


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