Funding Acknowledgement

The Deed of Funding Agreement signed by all grant recipients says the grant recipients is:

To acknowledge assistance from Council in press releases and promotional material, using Council's logo and the words 'Proudly supported by Clarence Valley Council'. The Council's logos and instructions on their use are on the Council website at funding acknowledgement page. The logos are to be used in any promotional material, media advertising and signage relating to the proposal during the funding period except for infrastructure projects which should be acknowledged for the life of the funded infrastructure.


"Proudly supported by Clarence Valley Council"

If there is more than one funding contributor, the statement should name each contributor in order of the monetary value provided.

Clarence Valley Council logo

The following formats for acknowledgement are to be used:

Signage Statement and logo
Website Statement and logo
Media releases Statement and logo
Speeches Statement and logo
Promotional video Statement and logo
TV, radio and newspaper ads Statement and logo
Newsletters, brochures, posters Statement and logo
Conference programs, invitations Statement and logo






Using the Clarence Valley Council logo

Please find below downloadable versions of Council's logo. There are two options for using the Council logo; the main (horizontal) version and the badge (vertical) version. Use the most suitable version for your layout. When resizing the logo, ensure that the logo is restricted to scale and is not stretched or distorted in any way. Once you have opened the logo link, save it to your computer as an image.

Main logo (colour)(PNG, 31KB)

Main logo (transparent)(PNG, 9KB)

Badge logo (colour)(JPG, 203KB)

Badge logo (transparent)(PNG, 30KB)

My Clarence Valley logo - blue(PNG, 84KB)

My Clarence Valley logo - white (PNG, 34KB)