Food businesses

All food businesses, fixed or temporary, are required to be registered with Council. 

Fixed premises

Before opening a new food business in the Clarence Valley you'll need to understand your legislative and council requirements, which you can discuss with one of our environmental health officers. You will also likely be required to submit a Development Application with detailed plans and elevations of food preparation and food storage areas.

Once any required DA is approved, you must register your business with us. Annual fees apply. 

Register your food business 

Mobile or temporary premises

Here in the Clarence Valley, we have a range of events and markets throughout the year which provide great opportunities for mobile and temporary food vendors.

But before you sell food from a mobile or temporary food stall or to hawk foods from council streets, you must get Council approval (fees apply) and make sure you comply with the NSW Food Authority's Temporary Events Guidelines. Mobile food vehicles such as caravans and trailers must comply with the NSW Food Authority's Guidelines for Mobile Vending Vehicles.

For more information, get in touch with one of our environmental health officers on 02 6643 0200

Apply for mobile food vendor approval

Home based food premises

This information is for food business preparing food at home and selling it directly to the customer (directly from home, at a market or event or to a school canteen).

Designed to be small scale, a home-based food business can be a great first step. However, there are special food safety requirements when handling food at home.

For more information visit NSW Food Authority - Home-based and mixed businesses.

If you're starting a home-based food business

  • Call Council's duty planner to see if planning approval is required on 02 6643 0200.
  • Complete the home-based business application form below to be assessed by Council's Environmental Health team.

If you're selling food online or to other businesses from a home-based business

You may need to register with the NSW Food Authority under the Manufacturer Wholesaler Inspection Program.

Visit their website or call 1300 552 406 for more information.

Apply for Home based food premises notification


Food safety training

Most retail food businesses are required to nominate a person to be their Food Safety Supervisor. To be a Food Safety Supervisor, you must complete a course recognised by the NSW Food Authority and obtain a valid Food Safety Supervisor certificate.

Nominate your Food Safety Supervisor 

All other food handlers can access our free I'm Alert Food Safety Training program, which provides interactive training in all areas of food hygiene and safety.