Grafton Waterfront Precinct

  • Project typeOpen Spaces
  • Project value$6,500,000
  • Project scheduleCompletion mid-2023
Grafton Waterfront.png
What's happening?

The Grafton Waterfront is being developed into a riverside precinct complete with footpaths along the water's edge, beach entries, a new jetty, and better access down the levee.

The pathway will run from Memorial park to Clarence St and Salty Seller Reserve.

Federal funding of $6.5M has been promised to construct public spaces based on the Grafton Waterfront Precinct Masterplan 2011. 

When's it happening?
  • The construction contract has been awarded to Alder Construction.
  • Construction is started in 5 April 2022.
  • Enable better access to the river.
  • Beautiful public spaces will encourage people to use the riverside parks and landscape.
  • Highlight Grafton's greatest asset - the Clarence River.