Grafton Waterfront Precinct

  • Project typeOpen Spaces
  • Project value$6,500,000
  • Project scheduleCompleted

The Grafton Waterfront Precinct project has transformed the underutilised riverbank into a family-friendly hub for locals and visitors.

The enhanced riverfront parklands on the north bank of the Clarence River features paved plaza areas and new community facilities, a 700m long, 3m wide shared user path, extensive landscaping, lighting, increased opportunities for river-based activities and improved access via adjoining streets.

The precinct is a flagship project within the Clarence River Way Masterplan, which aims to reinvent the Clarence as “one of the nation’s great river experiences” and redefine Grafton as a river city. The plan identified that few visitors to Grafton were aware of its prime waterfront address and the river experience was poorly capitalised upon by the local community.