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To provide guidance to both staff and the public on those Council documents that the public may access and the manner in which Council will make them available. To ensure that decisions on public access to Council’s documents are consistent. To provide a practical framework for consistent and efficient consideration of applications received by Council under the Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA Act) for access to documents.


The Council seal is the signature of the Council. Affixing the seal demonstrates approval of the content of a document and shows what Council has done or agreed to do. Council’s seal can only be used following a resolution of Council.

However, not all documents created to implement decisions of Council require the affixing of a seal. This policy sets out the situations in which a seal is required, and how the seal is to be used


The focus of the policy is to require, through planning mechanisms, that new large scale development provides appropriate housing stock that is more likely to be affordable and appropriate to the future demographic needs of Clarence Valley Local Government Area.


This policy formalises the general principles under which the Grafton Regional Gallery develops and maintains the collections it manages, and outlines the process by which the artworks are accepted into gallery and council collections.


This policy aims to outline, among other things, the role of Council and other organisations in managing asbestos, our approach to dealing with naturally occurring asbestos, sites contaminated by asbestos and emergencies or incidents, general advice for residents, and our development approval process for developments that may involve asbestos and conditions of consent. 


This policy aims to protect the quality of Clarence Valley Council’s drinking water supplies by managing the contamination and pollution risk from backflow, back siphonage and cross connections. As the supplier of drinking water to the public, we must ensure that we meet our obligations under the Australia Drinking Water Guidelines and its Drinking Water Management System to provide safe drinking water to customers.


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