Flood monitoring stations

Prince Street Gauge Camera

The images below are produced by a camera associated with a water level recorder managed by the DCCEEW, and operated by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, NSW Public Works. Clarence Valley Council gratefully acknowledges the DCCEEW and Manly Hydraulics Laboratory for access to these images.

During normal conditions the images are updated every hour, and more frequently during potential flooding. Please note that the time stamp for the camera images is related to Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST), and there will be an hour difference during daylight saving (Eastern Standard Daylight Time).

Bluff Bridge Monitoring Station - Orara Way

Flooding of the Orara River has caused the Orara Way to close on many occasions at Bluff Bridge. As a result of the isolation and inconvenience this causes for Glenreagh and surrounding communities, plus through traffic between Grafton and Coffs Harbour, the Bluff Bridge Flood Monitoring Project was created. Its goal is to ensure that any road closure can be communicated in a timely manner to all motorists, and it is co-funded by us and the NSW Government under the Floodplain Management Grants Program.

The camera monitoring system is designed to live-stream images so residents can see the bridge status in real time, and is complimented by a remotely monitored flood gauge and automatic signs controlled by water levels in the Orara River. During normal conditions the camera images are updated every hour during daylight hours, and more frequently during potential flooding. Images are time and date stamped to enable people to tell when they were taken.  

Note the Water Level shown in the graph below is the water level relative to the bridge deck and is not the river level.


Esk River Monitoring Station - Iluka Road

Note the Water Level shown in the graph below is the water level relative to the road and is not the river level.






Other Locations

We are currently in the process of moving our flood monitoring cameras at Sandy Crossing, Lawrence Road, Palmers Channel and Harwood Bridge so they can get extra sunlight, but the weather has affected our progress.

The camera locations are still far too wet to gain access without getting bogged.

As soon as the areas are dry enough, our crew will be on the scene to set the cameras up in the new locations.


Manly Hydraulics Laboratory Clarence Flood Gauges

The below links are provided for the information of residents. These gauges are not owned by Clarence Valley Council.