Ulmarra precinct

  • Project typeOpen Spaces
  • Completion Date30 September 2022
ulmarra precinct.JPG

What's happening?

Ulmarra Precinct is being brought to life with the redevelopment of Bailey Park and the village heart.

When's it happening?

Construction will start in late 2021/Early 2022.

The works will include

Bailey Park redevelopment

  • New toilet block
  • New playground with a water play feature
  • New seating, shelters, park lighting
  • New footpaths
  • New shade trees
  • Footpath connection to town

    The village heart full redevelopment includes
  • Improved pedestrian accessibility
  • Traffic calming
  • Landscaping of Coldstream St
  • New street furniture


The new park and the beautification of the village heart will make Ulmarra a safer village and a destination where people want to spend time enjoying the relaxed atmosphere beside the river.



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