Biodiversity Advisory Committee

Appointed by Council: February 2022
Functional alignment: Environment and Regulatory Services
Membership appointed: April 2022


To provide a forum for persons and agencies with an interest in management of the Clarence Valley's biodiversity to offer knowledge to improve and promote the Council’s strategic attention to biodiversity matters.

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Social: I want to be part of a society that considers not only the current but future generations.

Objective 3.4: Establish Advisory committees to provide input into the planning of community assets.

Environment: I want to live in an environmentally sustainable community that values and protects native flora and fauna, and natural systems we all depend on for survival now and into the future.

Objective 1.1: Improved ecological management of Council owned and managed reserves and environmental corridors.

Leadership: More community members stepping up to help themselves and their community.

Objective 6.1: Deliver opportunity for community input into decision making through submissions and deputations.


  • Chair - Councillor Greg Clancy 
  • Mayor Peter Johnstone
  • John Edwards
  • Linda Wright
  • Barbara Linley
  • Peter Lake 
  • Laura Noble 
  • Adrian Deville 
  • Joanne Cunningham 
  • Phil Redpath