Fraud and Corruption Control Policy

The purposes of this policy are to ensure that Council will:

  • take a risk management approach to the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraudulent and corrupt conduct, in accordance with the ten attributes of an effective fraud control system, as identified in the Audit Office of NSW 2015 Fraud Control Improvement Kit
  • reduce or remove the potential for fraudulent or corrupt conduct on the part of its employees, contractors, clients and suppliers
  • detect fraudulent or corrupt conduct through the systematic processes articulated in Council’s Fraud and Corruption Control Strategy
  • investigate or otherwise formally enquire into all instances of suspected fraudulent or corrupt conduct exposed as a result of Council’s detection processes, or as a result of receiving an allegation of fraudulent or corrupt activities
  • manage, discipline or facilitate the prosecution of those responsible for incidents of fraud and corruption as appropriate and
  • ensure the continuing organisational integrity and transparency of its operations.