Emergency management planning

In the event of a disaster it is essential we have clear roles and responsibilities.  

This plan details our arrangements for prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies.

Emergency Management Plan - EMPLAN

The EMPLAN is the Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 1MB). This document details arrangements for prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies.

The objectives of this plan are to:

  • define participating organisation and Functional Area roles and responsibilities in preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies;
  • set out the control, co-ordination and liaison arrangements at the local level;
  • detail activation and alerting arrangements for involved agencies; and
  • detail arrangements for the acquisition and co-ordination of resources.

Local Emergency Management Officer. - LEMO

In accordance with the State Emergency Plan, a Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO) is appointed by us to act as the organisation’s co-ordinator for responding to emergency events. 

The position undertakes the critical roles of:

  • Council’s liaison officer for disaster planning with other emergency services such as police, fire brigades and state emergency services
  • co-ordinates the review of procedures for responding to emergencies
  • maintaining an effective communication network with all emergency response agencies
  • ensures that resources are available to respond to emergencies including management of Council’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

Local Emergency Management Committee - LEMC

The LEMC is responsible for the preparation of emergency plans (EMPLAN) in relation to the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies in the local government area. The committee has a planning function only. It is specifically excluded from becoming involved in operations.


LEMC meeting minutes
Date  Minutes 
 9 October 2023  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 209KB)
 17 July 2023  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 200KB)
 13 March 2023  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 219KB)
 28 November 2022  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 225KB)
 25 July 2022  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 211KB)
 11 April 2022  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 204KB)
  6 December 2021   LEMC Minutes(PDF, 288KB)
 26 July 2021  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 528KB)
 8 March 2021  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 453KB) 
 26 October 2020   LEMC Minutes(PDF, 468KB)
 15 June 2020  LEMC Minutes (PDF, 154KB)
  2 March 2020  LEMC Minutes(PDF, 315KB)