Emission Targets

The Clarence Valley Council Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction and Renewable Energy Targets report was completed in 2018.

A key element of its development was to help Council consider and take informed decisions on appropriate targets.  Based on the measures assessed and the cost benefit analysis of opportunities, feasible targets for Clarence Valley Council operations include:

Renewable energy:

  • 50% of Council’s electricity demand to be met from renewable energy sources by 2030, and earlier if feasible, principally through onsite solar and renewable energy PPAs,
  • A Long-term goal to source all electricity from renewable energy

Carbon emissions:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions for Council’s operations to be at least 40% lower than 2016/17 levels by 2030, not including emissions from landfill,
  • Long term goal to reach zero net emissions in line with NSW State government aspirations