Renewable Energy

Clarence Valley Council has been working hard to increase the amount of renewable energy used to power its operations.

Check out these exciting projects:

2018 Solar Projects Summary

Clarence Valley Council has pursued significant carbon emissions reduction and renewable energy solar initiatives in line with its policy position on climate change.

A 2018 review of all the solar projects implemented was conducted and is summarized below.  For solar PV projects the generation potential is estimated to be around 920 MWh per year, which would represent approximately 8.4% of Council’s electricity demand at the time. 


implemented solar PV systems.png

Boosting our solar power capacity - feasibility study solar farm at the Grafton Regional Landfill

A detailed feasibility study for a mid scale solar farm and landfill gas to energy plant at the Grafton Regional Landfill has been completed.

In a win-win for the environment and the ratepayer, the ‘Smart Energy Park’ will provide a financial return and significantly reduce Council’s greenhouse gas emissions by utilising 100 per cent renewable energy.

Targets adopted in the renewable Energy and Emissions Reductions Strategies to reduce emissions by 40 per cent and provide 50 per cent of electricity demand before 2030 will be exceeded ahead of schedule.

Grafton Regional Landfill AERIAL.jpg

Going Green - Methane Gas Capture

Solar, organics and methane capture place Clarence Valley at forefront of sustainability

Expansion of green waste processing capacity, design of the landfill gas to energy project and planning for a 2.1 megawatt solar farm are on the agenda for the coming financial year. Organics processing capacity is to be increased by up to 40 per cent, through construction of a fourth composting tunnel at the Grafton Regional Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre on Armidale Road. The climate-controlled tunnels are used to transform waste collected in the residential and commercial green bins into organic compost. The green waste expansion is to be delivered as part of the $2.8 million waste management contract with JR Richards.

The planned 2.1 megawatt solar farm will also move a step closer to fruition, as the project moves into the detailed design phase and Statement of Environmental Impacts. The project, also at the regional landfill site, will then go to tender for construction.

In addition, design of the Grafton Regional Landfill Gas to Energy Project is planned for the coming year. The project, once completed, will capture methane emissions from the landfill and convert it into around 1.2 megawatts of electricity each year. Currently emissions are managed through flaring.

The projects are part of a commitment to reduce emissions by 40 per cent and increase use of renewables by 50 per cent by 2030.

going green.JPG

Solar upgrade and battery storage project at Rushforth Road Works Depot

Clarence Valley Council (CVC) has improved its capacity to respond to natural disasters while taking a major step towards meeting its renewable energy targets.

Council's $900,000 solar upgrade and battery storage project at located at the Rushforth Road Works Depot in South Grafton has been specifically designed to improve capacity to respond to natural disasters.

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Solar lighting upgrade at Ford Park, Yamba

12 new 5m Solar light poles have been installed at Ford Park Yamba.

This will significantly improve visibility and safety of the reserve during the night/early morning

The new lights feature PIR sensors which will go from 18w to 30w when people approach these lights.
This project is part of our Open Spaces Capital-funded projects.

ford park lighting - cmyk.jpg