Clarence Valley Council’s commitment to safety recognised

Published on 22 December 2021

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Clarence Valley Council has proven the success of its safety management system by outperforming several other organisations in both frequency and cost of worker’s compensation claims, according to a new report. 

The State Cover Workers Compensation and Safety Performance General Manager’s Report for 2020-2021 details all compensation claims made by Clarence Valley Council workers and how Council compares to other organisations. 

Over the 12-month period last financial year, a total of 26 claims were made by Clarence Valley Council employees, 50 per cent of which were for body stresses including sprains and strains.

When compared to the Office of Local Government, StateCover customers and the regional average, the Clarence Valley Council had fewer claims, lower claims costs and more efficient injury reporting performance.

The council also topped the charts for WHS self-audits, indicating a strong safety culture within the organisation and a thorough knowledge of safety procedures internally.

The low number of claims has resulted in a reduced insurance premium for Clarence Valley Council, including a Safety and Wellbeing Incentive rebate.

Acting General Manager Laura Black said the report spoke volumes about the council’s safety culture and gave an indication of what a great place Clarence Valley Council was to work.

Ms Black said it was important to recognise that workplace health and safety issues were not confined to outdoor teams, with stress, harassment, and workplace bullying all major factors for workers compensation claims in other organisations.

“Here at Clarence Valley Council, we are working hard to ensure that our people have easy access to mental health and wellbeing services whether or not issues are related to work,” she said. 

“We are striving towards an inclusive workplace where people look out for one another and where Workplace Health and Safety is always a priority.”

Clarence Valley Council Director Work and Civil Jamie Fleeting said maintaining safe work practices for both indoor and outdoor employees is at the heart of the organisation.

“With 490 staff, over half of which work outdoors, this report clearly demonstrates that our safe work practices are working,” Mr Fleeting said.

“We are ensuring that people come to work in a safe and healthy workplace and that everyone goes home at the end of the day, happy, satisfied and in one piece.” 

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