GIPA formal access

Prior to lodging a formal access application, a person seeking information from Council should check if the information being sought is already available on Council’s website or could easily be made available through an informal request application.

If information:

  • Is not available via Proactive or Informal Release; or
  • Involves a large volume of information, requires extensive research and accordingly will involve an unreasonable amount of time and resources to produce; or
  • Contains personal or confidential information about a third party which may require consultation; or
  • Is of a sensitive nature that requires careful weighing of the consideration in favour of and against disclosure; then

Council requires a Formal Access to Information Application to be submitted.

Application for Formal Access are to be made by completing the Formal Access application form available online. Completed forms should be submitted to Council accompanied by the GIPA prescribed application fee of $30.00.

Additional $30.00 hourly processing charges may be applicable.

An application must:

  • Be in writing
  • Specify it is made under the GIPA Act State an Australian Postal address;
  • Be accompanied by the $30.00 fee;
  • Provide sufficient detail to enable Council to identify the information requested.

Council has 20 working days (30 if consultation is required with third parties) in which to make a decision about your application.

A formal application gives you rights of appeal to both the NSW Information & Privacy Commission and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Lodge a GIPA request

If you have any questions, get in touch with our Governance Officer on 02 6643 0200. The NSW Office of the Information Commissioner also provides advice on access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. 

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