Brooms Head onsite sewage management system upgrade

  • Project typeOpen Spaces and Facilities
  • Project scheduleComplete
Why are we doing this?
  • The Brooms Head Holiday Park On Site Sewage Management System requires upgrading as the treatment plant is at the end of its useful life.

Project Benefits
  • The new system will comply with current environmental legislation.
  • It will be designed to cater for the number of visitors to the Brooms Head Reserve and Holiday Park and allow for any future upgrades to the park.
What’s been happening?
  • After 2nd rounds of tendering in October 2022, Coffs Harbour Plumbing were awarded the contract to install the new treatment plant that includes 8 x Fujiclean PCN20 treatment plants.
  • NSW Environment Protection Authority provided approval for the plant subject to conditions.
  • The preferred location for the land application of treated effluent will be off park and not within the Brooms Head Reserve. This will depend on continuing to work with NSW Crown Lands on utilising and improving the area of land where existing treatment ponds are in the long term. The performance of the treatment ponds will be monitored in the meantime.
Next Steps

Project will now be delivered in two stages being –

  • Stage 1 – upgrade of the treatment plant only that is at the end of its useful life.  The plant is proposed to be located partially underground near the AC section and library. 

    brooms head 1.jpg
    Figure 1 – Sample Layout of Packaged Treatment Plant

    brooms head 2.png

    Figure 2 – Sample of Exposed Incomplete Packaged Treatment Plant Installation

    brooms head 3.png
    Figure 3 – Sample of Completed Installation (Site will be Turfed)

  • Stage 2 – timing depends on progress with NSW Crown Lands on utilising and improving area where existing treatment ponds are.  At this stage expected to occur from 2024-2025.


  • Stage 1 commencement in February 2023 with project completion expected December 2023.





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