How to link your pet to your account


Your pet's microchip number and ownership details must correspond with your details in order to match them to your online profile.

Specifically, you must match the name and contact number you used when your pet's record was entered or updated in the Pet Registry.

Follow these three easy steps to link your pet

Step 1.Log into your account 

Go to and click on "Claim Pet' in the main menu. 

claim pet 1.JPG

Step 2.Enter your pet's microchip number and your preferred contact number 

Click ‘Search’. Your pet’s microchip record information should appear. Click ‘Claim’. 

A message will appear to confirm if you have successfully claimed your pet.

claim 2.png

Step 3.Success

You will now see your pet listed on the ‘My Pets’ page.
claim pet 3.JPG