Disclosures of interests

Disclosures of interest - annually 

Council members and local government employees are expected to make decisions in the best interests of their community, and to do this, they must consider each issue on its merits. 

In the interest of impartiality, all Councillors are required to disclose any interest that may affect their decision-making in matters discussed at council or committee meetings.





Disclosures of interest - quarterly

Quarterly disclosure of interest for councillors


February 2023


May 2023

(PDF, 470KB)

Commencement returns were received from:

• Christine Tyler, Member, Audit Risk and Improvement Committee (ARIC)
• Neville Parsons, Audit Risk and Improvement Committee (ARIC)
• Trevor Pate, Senior Procurement Officer (Contract & Supplier Panel Management)
• Carmen Landers, Development Planner (Systems)

These are contained in the
March 2023 Commencement Returns file.(PDF, 1MB)


March 2022

Council's Code of Conduct 4.21 requires that Councillors provide a disclosure of interest return within 3 months of becoming a councillor. The file directly below contains disclosures for Councillors Bill Day, Greg Clancy, Ian Tiley (Mayor), Jeff Smith, Karen Toms, Peter Johnstone, Steve Pickering, Allison Whaites and Debrah Novak.

Councillors' Disclosures of Interests Returns March 2022








Quarterly disclosure of interest for management staff



Commencement returns were received from:

  • Devin Simpson, Manager, Civil Services
  • Glen Henry, Construction Engineer
  • Aaron Knight, Development Assessor

These are contained in the February 2023 Commencement Returns file.

An exit return was received from Phil Moore, Manager, Organisational Development


March 2022

Returns for designated persons, inclusive of:

  • Commencement returns for Mr Justin Putze, Manager, Cultural, Community and Industry, Scott Lenton, Manager Environment and Regulatory Services and Mr Murray Lane, Manager, Development and Landuse Planning
  • Updates for Mr Dylan Kelly, Construction Engineer, Mr Ken Wilson, Coordinator, Waste and Sustainability and Mr Luke Fischer, Construction Engineer, and 
  • Exit return for Mr Ashley Lindsay, General Manager

These are contained in the Designated Persons Disclosures of Interest Returns March 2022


July 2022

Exit returns were received from:

  • Alan Dunne, Senoir Projects Engineers
  • Dylan Kelly, Constructon Engineer

These are contained in the August 2022 Exit Returns


Mr Dylan Kelly, Construction Engineer;
Mr Ken Wilson, Waste & Sustainability Coordinator;
Mr Luke Fischer, Construction Engineer;
Mr Ross McCann, Senior Maintenance Engineer;
Mr Terry Dwyer, Strategic Planning Coordinator;
Mr Tim Jenkins, Asset Systems Project Coordinator.