Disclosures of interests

Council members and local government employees are expected to make decisions in the best interests of their community, and to do this, they must consider each issue on its merits.

In the interest of impartiality, all Councillors are required to disclose any interest that may affect their decision-making in matters discussed at council or committee meetings.


Position Name 2023-2024  2022-23 2021-22  2020-21 2019-20
Mayor  Peter Johnstone   PDF(PDF, 141KB) PDF (PDF, 167KB) PDF N/A N/A
Deputy Mayor  Jeff Smith  N/A PDF(PDF, 3MB) PDF N/A N/A
Councillor  Allison Whaites  PDF(PDF, 3MB) PDF (PDF, 3MB)  PDF N/A N/A
Councillor  Debrah Novak PDF(PDF, 231KB) PDF (PDF, 170KB) PDF  PDF  PDF
Councillor  Greg Clancy  N/A PDF (PDF, 167KB) PDF  PDF  PDF
Previous Mayor  Ian Tiley  PDF(PDF, 206KB) PDF(PDF, 3MB) PDF N/A N/A
Councillor  Karen Toms   PDF(PDF, 240KB) PDF(PDF, 183KB)  PDF  PDF  PDF
Councillor Steve Pickering   N/A PDF(PDF, 474KB)  PDF N/A N/A
Councillor William Day  N/A PDF(PDF, 4MB)  PDF N/A N/A



Position Name 2022-23  2021-22 2020-21 2019-20
General Manager  Laura Black  PDF(PDF, 185KB) PDF PDF  PDF
Director Corporate and Community   Alex Moar PDF(PDF, 163KB) PDF PDF PDF
Director Environment and Planning  Adam Cameron  PDF(PDF, 181KB) PDF PDF PDF
Director Civil Services  Jamie Fleeting  PDF(PDF, 164KB)  PDF PDF N/A