How to register your pet online

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Dogs and cats should be registered at six months of age on the NSW Pet Register. Some pets may need an annual permit too. 

Registering your pet can be done online or in person.

When you register, you'll need:

  • Your animal’s certificate of identification – which you receive when your pet is microchipped.

  • Proof of de-sexing, pension card or recognised breeder – if applicable

Check the registration fee.

Different fees apply based on whether your pet is de-sexed, is a breeding animal or a service/assistance animal. 

Click on the fees and charges link to find current fees.

Follow these steps to register your animal online

Step 1.Log into your account

Visit the NSW Pet Registry website at
Click on ‘My Pets’.

Step 2.Pay the fee

To pay your pet’s registration fee online, click the blue ‘Pay Online Due’ text corresponding to the relevant pet.

pay rego.JPG

Step 3.Check the details

Check the details are correct and click ‘Pay Now’ if the payment amount is correct.

pay rego 2.JPG

You will arrive at the payments portal, where you can pay the registration with Mastercard or Visa. Enter your credit card details then click ‘Next’.

You will now see the confirmation screen. Please check your details, enter the verification code, and accept the surcharge (the credit card surcharge is set at 0.4%). Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed with the payment.
Please note: if payment with a credit card is made in one of our customer service centres, there is a credit card surcharge of 0.6%.

You will now see your payment receipt. You can choose to print the receipt or have it emailed to you.

When you are finished, click ‘Finish’. You will be returned to the ‘My Pets’ page.