How to transfer your pet to a new owner


If you sell or give away your registered dog or cat, you must transfer it to its new owner. 

As the ‘old’ owner, it is your responsibility to update the animal's ownership details.

There is no fee to transfer ownership, but you may be fined if you do not do this.

Its now easier than ever to transfer your pet

Step 1.Log into your account

Log into the NSW Pet Registry website at
Click on My Pets to view a list of the pets you own.
Click the blue ‘Transfer’ text corresponding to the relevant pet.

transfer 1.JPG

Step 2.Enter the new owners details

If you are transferring the pet to an owner interstate or overseas, click the ‘Outside NSW (Interstate or overseas)’ option at the bottom.

When you have finished entering the details of the new owner, click ‘Transfer’ at the top left hand side of the screen.

transfer 2.JPG

A message will appear confirming you have successfully transferred the pet to the new owner. Click ‘My Pets’ in the main menu to return to the ‘My Pets’ page.

transfer 3.JPG

Your pet’s profile will be updated when you return to the ‘My Pets’ page.

The ‘Status’ field will change from ‘Home’ to ‘Home-Transfer’. This means you have transferred ownership of the pet to the new owner.

The Transfer field will change from ‘Transfer’ to ‘Restricted’. This means you are restricted from making any further changes to the pet’s information.

transfer 4.JPG

To complete the transfer, the new owner will need to create a user profile and claim the pet. When the new owner has done this, the pet will disappear from your ‘My Pets’ page.