Heritage conservation areas and items

The Clarence Valley is rich in heritage.

In addition to individual heritage items, Heritage conservation areas cover many historic core areas of the towns and villages with noteworthy collections of period buildings. Heritage items and conservation areas are listed on Schedule 5 of the Clarence Valley LEP 2011, which legally recognises and protects the heritage values of these places.

Can I make changes to a heritage-listed property or a property in a heritage conservation area?

If you own or are considering buying a heritage-listed property, it's important to know what requirements apply to you.  

Heritage listing still allows changes to be made to a building or place, provided that those changes are sympathetic to the heritage values of the place. The best way to protect heritage places is to ensure they remain in use and are well maintained. You must check that you have necessary consent before carrying out any work.


When do I need permission?

Works to a heritage item or any property in a heritage conservation area, including tree removal, new fencing, exterior alterations (such as repainting, re-roofing, rendering, adding security screens or shades) and demolition or removal of a building or outbuilding, require consent under the Clarence Valley LEP 2011.

You'll also need permission to: alter a heritage item by making structural changes to the interior, or changes to anything specified in the heritage listing of the item; disturb or excavate an archaeological site or an Aboriginal place of heritage significance; and subdivide land on which a heritage item is located, or within a heritage conservation area, or on which an Aboriginal Object is located that is within an Aboriginal Place of Heritage Significance.

Some development may be carried out as exempt development

Maintenance or works of a minor nature are assessed via an online application and must be approved in writing prior to commencing. You are advised to discuss your proposals with us prior to carrying out works or submitting an application. Discuss your proposals with us via our free Heritage Advisory Service on 02 6643 0200.

Find out more about a heritage item

Apply for Minor Works or Maintenance under the Heritage Exemptions

Maintenance and minor works may be permitted through lodgement of a no fee, Minor Works and Maintenance application.

Before work starts, you must obtain a written reply from Council to confirm the work is for maintenance or of a minor nature, and would not adversely affect the significance of the heritage item or the heritage conservation areApply for Minor Works or Maintenance under the Heritage Exemptions